16-6a-1005.   Articles of amendment to articles of incorporation.  

A nonprofit corporation amending its articles of incorporation shall deliver to the division for filing articles of amendment setting forth:

(1) the name of the nonprofit corporation;

(2) the text of each amendment adopted;

(3) the date of each amendment's adoption;

(4) if the amendment was adopted by the board of directors or incorporators without member action, a statement to that effect and that:
     (a) the nonprofit corporation does not have members; or
     (b) member action was not required;

(5) if the amendment was adopted by the members, a statement that the number of votes cast for the amendment by the members or by each voting group entitled to vote separately on the amendment was sufficient for approval by the members or voting group respectively; and

(6) if approval of the amendment by some person or persons other than the members, the board of directors, or the incorporators is required pursuant to Section 16-6a-1013, a statement that the approval was obtained. 

Enacted by Chapter 300, 2000 General Session