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Condominium Ownership Act

Utah Code Title 57, Chapter 8

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The below is not updated with new changes to the law after 2018!

57-8-24.   Common profits, common expenses, and voting rights - Unit - Unconstructed Unit.  

(1) A unit is created by the recording of the declaration and a condominium plat that describes the unit.

(2) An association of unit owners shall, according to each unit owner's respective percentage or fractional undivided interests in the common areas and facilities:
     (a) distribute the property's common profits among the unit owners;
     (b) except as otherwise provided in the declaration for unconstructed units, assess the unit owners the property's common expenses; and
     (c) make voting rights available to the unit owners.

(3)(a) After the recording of a condominium project's declaration, an unconstructed unit is a unit for the purposes of the declaration and this chapter, including:
            (i) allocation of undivided interests in the common areas and facilities in accordance with Subsection 57-8-7(2); and
            (ii) voting rights in accordance with Section 57-8-24.
     (b) Subsection (3)(a) applies to a condominium project regardless of when the condominium project's initial declaration was recorded.

Enacted 1963, ch. 111. 
1975, c. 173, ยง 15;
2016, ch. 210, eff. March 23, 2016.