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Condominium Ownership Act

Utah Code Title 57, Chapter 8

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The below is not updated with new changes to the law after 2018!

57-8-13.8.   Contraction of project.  

A condominium project may be contracted under the provisions of the declaration and the provisions of this chapter. Any such contraction shall be considered to have occurred at the time of the recordation of an amendment to the declaration, executed by the declarant, containing a legal description by metes and bounds of the land withdrawn from the condominium project. If portions of the withdrawable land were described pursuant to Subsection 57-8-10(5)(a)(iv), then no described portion may be so withdrawn after the conveyance of any unit on the portion. If no withdrawable portions were described, then none of the withdrawable land may be withdrawn after the first conveyance of any unit on the portion. 

Amended 1992, ch. 12; 2014, ch. 397, eff. May 13, 2014.